Why corvo !

CORVO - Gateway to Luxury Lifestyle!


CORVO is the best of its class LUXURY BRAND IN INDIA with premium handcrafted and customisable lifestyle fashion accessories ranging from clothes, bags, wallets and more!


People perceive CORVO as a Status Symbol, a proud possession that serves their quality of life.  

“Our Product speaks for itself!” - Corvo

Let us tell you why you should upgrade to a better standard of living and say Hi-Five to Corvo!

  1. Durability:

Corvo guarantees great durability, making it one of the most preferred Luxury brands in India. Our products possess incomparable quality and are the best suitable choice for your everyday usage.

  1. Aesthetics:

 The unique design-centric approach to fashion inspires people to explore their creativity with us. Our products come in various colours, textures, feel etc. 

  1. Utility:

Corvo does not compromise in Style, Quality and most importantly Utility! .In addition to the timeless, sleek and elegant design, we made the functionality of our products a priority. 

  1. Craftsmanship

We empower Indian craftsmanship with the value and appreciation they deserve! Experience one of the most treasured craftsmanship in the world with handcrafted luxury fashion essentials from Corvo.

  1. Heat Insulation

Corvo products possess a strong thermal insulation capability that makes our products most suitable for human skin. 
Heat insulation is the amount of heat passed through a material at a specific time. With the large volume of air present, the heat travels incredibly slow as air is a poor conductor of heat.

 These H-Five features will make CORVO, a priceless possession in your life!


 In this dynamic era, where trends change overnight, choose to stand apart and set your own statement fashion with Corvo! 

 “Enter the spotlight in class, for life is a show and people are watching” - Corvo


To offer superior quality, luxury fashion essentials with contemporary style and design that compliments every customers’ taste and preference!

To build ecosystems that engage creative minds to transform themselves into high quality, high standard craftsmen. 


 To make Corvo, the face of the Indian luxury brand on a global level!

 “Every heart beating for pride moments of eternal creativity that weaves the future of humankind” - Corvo